My name is Kudzi, KayCee for short. Writing is a passion of mine,not for the sake of raking in millions or whatever the norm is, but merely for the fact that IĀ get times when I suddenly feel inspired to write. For a long while I would doodle or scribble on a notepad or on my smartphone or whatever I had handy, till a friend then convinced me to put it down on something that lasts a bit more longer,and isn’t so hard to trace back when you need something, hence the birth of INTRO-spect.

As to why the name INTRO-spect…well I don’t really know how to explain how it came to be…maybe one day i will be able to do so.

I do hope that my thoughts do not get too boring for you to read and yes…your comments are always welcome.


P.S. This Site moved over from it’s previous domain and this will be our new home now. I Apologise for shifting houses unannounced.