I Am the African girl child,

A beacon of hope to my generation

A flower growing in a garden

Seeking the basking rays of sunshine

Pining for the Gardner’s touch

And the soil’s seal of approval

To mould and nurture my growth

Into the blossomed morning Lilly

With a future bright and untold

With a destiny like no other.


I am filled with bright hopes for tomorrow

Made to believe that I am equal

Yet this illusion not so perfect

As its holes to me are glaring

And its inconsistency so apparent


I look to you for love and care

Yet hate and anger I receive

Ridiculed and shunned for what I am

Growing, a flower among the thistles.

No crime I know of have I committed.

Yet Sentenced to doom is my life


With those I trust being those I should fear

And passers-by, my violation they witness

Silent in their cocoon of comfort

Peering over their manicured lawns

Watching from the corner lamp

Defiled as I am, un-plucked and broken


My womanhood made worthless

My opinion not important

My permission not sought

Believed to be the lesser

A simple tool to use and abuse


Beguiled and worn down by the so called “status-quo”

Which deems my torture and abuse

An occurrence of the norm

And abrogates its entrusted duty

To be the elixir to my wounds

The calming waters of the river

A Dessert walker hopes to glimpse


Yet My resolve stands taller than YOU

My fear dwindles into the breaking dawn

As the rays of sunshine over the horizon rise

And a burning zeal within me lies

To prove and show what Flora I am


To change the destiny thrust upon me

By Man’s cruelty and vile nature

To rewrite my story once again

The flower that refuses to die

That still survived the elements’ scorn


Despite the story that’s been written

I arise, a new beginning in sight

Taking control of my destiny

Seizing the pen of fate from my past

And scribing a new leaf of greatness untold


I may have been broken but I will heal

My past happened and I embrace it

Stronger I rise from the ashes

The proverbial phoenix I am made to be

For my destiny is my own

And none can seize it from my grasp

For I am the blossomed Lily

Elegant and beautiful

Wholly and truly AFRICAN!



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