“Til Death Do Us Part”

Ever sit and wonder to yourself, Why are so many people breaking up? Relationships? end faster than you can blink, Friendships? gone in a moment! but the most shocking of all, marriage? Divorced in a few years, months even! Surely when God created that first union in the garden He didn’t intend this did He? Seated not so long ago, I decided to watch an old flick, “The Bachelor Party 2″ for those who know it and something in this movie triggered a train of thought that’s since been hitting the rails. Ever notice how marriages these days don’t last? How at the first sign of trouble they’re dissolved? At the absence of wealth, fortune or even Children, the towel is thrown in? Why?


Watching the movie as I was, I began to notice what I felt may be part of the cause. Have you ever noticed the vows made in any of these movie scenes? The ceremonial master whoever they may be simply recites “Do you take Tom to be your lawfully wedded Husband?”… THAT’S IT!!


What ever happened to the rest of that statement? “To Have and to Hold?, in sickness and in health…” where’s that? Where is the part that says “To honor and to cherish, for richer or poorer, in sorrow and in Joy”? Quite simply they don’t bother saying it anymore! Sure you might argue that I’m nit picking, and maybe you’re right, I am, but for me the essence of the union of marriage lies in those words. The key to a success in marriage is hidden in the remainder of those words that they leave out. I can’t help but think that society has shied away from the responsibility, the FULL responsibility that comes with marriage! Sure, it is not Hollywood’s job to teach us how to manage our matrimonial affairs but then again, watch something long enough and it will begin to be a part of who you are, basic propaganda methods state that!


We live in a society where media, whether digital or printed, social or otherwise, has a huge influence on molding our characters and those of generations to follow and given that our current generation continues to diminish the value and worth placed upon the beautiful union and sanctity of marriage, I can only shudder at what the marriages of tomorrow will look like.


If at all we are to have long lasting unions like those of our fathers and those before them, then there is need for us to begin to understand and comprehend the depth and meaning of the words we speak, the Oath we pledge and the vow we take. FOR BETTER OR WORSE is not just a turn of phrase but really means it. When the going gets tough and the way seems unclear, remember, you signed up for this!


This is not to say a marriage is a perfect entity, No. There exists no perfect marriage except that of the Lord Jesus and His Church. Any union here on earth is bound to go through the tough and hard times, truthfully speaking it’s part of what makes the journey worthwhile, coming out on the other side. But the important thing is not that you face trials but it’s that you work them out, not bail out!


It remains up to us to shape our futures and those after us. The Vows and Oaths we take on that Altar are meant to last a lifetime, not a a Night time. CHOOSE WISELY!


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