She Is

She is….

The Helen of Troy, the face that can launch a thousand ships into battle. Immaculately and carefully created with immense precision and detail with beauty that surpasses all understanding.

An inner strength like no other and an outer demeanour soft as a dove. Within her lies the power to do great things above that which she’s given credit for

The pain of child birth she endures, the labour of raising the child she undertakes, the courage of counseling she possesses., the care of a nurse she gives out. The pain of rejection she endures, by that which she loved and raised so dear, yet within her the love unchanging the affection unending and the care ceaseless.

The ridicule and scorn she sustains the public humiliation she encounters. The disappointment she gets from those she calls her own and those she entrusts her heart to. The one who is to blame, when there is no one else to blame. The one who carries us all on her back at some point in our lives.

Within her the ability to make a nation, and within her the ability to break a generation.

With her mouth she can bless and with her lips she can curse

With her eyes she can encourage and with her look she can degrade

With her walk she can strengthen and with that walk she can weaken.

The seal and look of approval she gives, bestowing immense belief and a feeling that you can walk on water, the comfort she provides that makes today’s problems seem like a fortnight ago. The solace you find in her, unmatched and without comparison. The companion she is to you, none other can ever be.

None other creature is so gifted and none other so great in power yet small in stature, it may but be a day in the year to celebrate her prowess and being, yet a whole year would still not be enough to appreciate her deeds and show her what she truly means.

In her elegance she breeds class. In her simplicity she embodies sophistication….. An amazing person she is. She is… a woman!!

Happy women’s day


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