Self Destruction- A Short piece by Nompumelelo K. Moyo

I feel so strong that we not praying enough for young people. It’s so broken and chaotic  They say they’re Christians but linger so very much on earthly things. They go around collecting spirits and passing them on through sexual immorality and they do not even care about the price. They have lost the fear of the Lord. They do not care and it scares me. So many people are found in the church but they are not baptized into Christ’s family, they live double lives and drag many with them.


Those who are baptized into the family and fear the Lord are scared to stand up for what is right because of the multitudes that seem to be doing the opposites. Instead they hide away in their cliques of the “saved” and do not associate themselves with the lost.


Those who are trying to help find the lost are so few and out numbered eventually the fire burns out in them.


I’m not perfect I am guilty of being scared of standing up for what is right, for disobeying that voice of conviction within but I think I have lived behind the shadows for too long, It’s time I do something about how much it breaks my heart to see young people destroy themselves, and they self destruct.

If I being human cry for their souls what more Jesus Christ in heaven, the one who actually gave His life for them, does He look down and weep?��


I want to start with a simple prayer: GOD, Please help the future generation. ����



**Nompumelelo is a very good and close friend of mine who shares a passion for music and religion that’s just about identical to mine….she has allowed me to post this work of hers as a way to spread the word far and wide, comment, share and send to whoever you think may need to hear this**


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