Second Chances


More often than not we find ourselves in situations that could have been avoided had we taken a different approach, different decision or different road. But what we don’t realise is how rare it is to get a second chance, a do over in some these choices…

With the small things we overlook how important and valuable this is. I mean if it’s a wrong turn, a simple U-turn will suffice to correct the error, if it’s a mathematical calculation, a simple recalculation will set the record straight but some of life’s choices are harder to correct and their effects far more reaching than a simple wrong turn or misplaced comma in a figure.

Very recently I had one such situation which I faced and whose circumstances and effects were near impossible to reverse. The worst part about it was that I had gone through the decision knowing fully well the potential consequences but because I had given myself a sense of self guarantee of my wit and intellectual skills, I had laid aside all due caution and plundered into the situation headlong. When I began to realise that the consequences of the action, as little as the percentage of risk was, had begun to turn for the worst possible scenario I distinctly remember that I had the words “You knew what the price was… I told you so” rolling in my head.

Now my flaw or strong point-depending on how you choose to look at it – is that for some reason or other, no matter the situation I never panic or lose my head. There are so many situations I’ve been through, some of them Life or Death situations but through them all I always seem to be able to calmly process my thoughts and react appropriately and maybe freak out later. In this particular case however I experienced a feeling uncommon to me, the feeling of the weight of the world on your shoulders, running out of breath, my pulse slowed to a deafening thud that even the deaf could hear!

At that particular time there was no exit strategy, no way out, no loophole to go through, I was in a mess, knee deep in the mud and sinking fast in the grasp of the quicksand. It was almost as if I could feel the enveloping clasp of the world suffocating the life out of me moment by moment. In this moments I remember a cinematographic unfolding of events in my mind vivid and lucid as could be of each of the moments I had thought twice about this decision before making it. I thought of what would come after now that I have gotten myself into this situation, I pictured the consequences in each and every dimension possible 2D, 3D HD name it all.

At that point in time I realised and remembered the scripture that says “from whence shall my help come from but from the Lord.” and armed with this verse I devoted time to having a conversation with the Big Guy upstairs, several conversations actually. I even got to a point where I called up a trusted friend who I have known for years and asked her to devote time in prayer to help intercede on my behalf as well. I am thankful to have been given such people in life who I know I can request such of and without questions or explanations simply go down on their knees and begin to join hands in spirit with me. In due time God responded in the way He deemed fit for the situation. This situation, however, got me thinking and reflecting about not only this case but many past ones He had come through for me. This thought process got me to think if we have not gotten to a point where we only remember God only in our time of need and never in our Joyous moments. A sense of entitlement and confusion envelopes us to the point we think God is a being we can use and abuse only as and when we need Him and do away with His will at any other time.

Very rarely do people Post, discuss or acknowledge the hand of God in all we do daily but let a disaster strike or something society didn’t expect and it tugs at society’s emotional strings, suddenly statuses change, profile pictures updated, hashtags developed all calling on God to intervene and asking why He has let such happen. We Suddenly engage in social campaigns to pray for this or that, repost decrees and pleas that empathise and call upon Go’s promises of love and protection to us all.

It’s surprising how you think of God more than ever when you find yourself in situations and circumstances you created yourself. You suddenly remember how God is there and you suddenly recall and proclaim and decree all the promises He makes in His word and you even begin to make vows, promises, oaths, covenants, all in the hour of need. Suddenly you remember that there is fasting and prayer, suddenly you recount the stories of Jacob, of Esther, of Elijah and many others in the biblical scene who are relevant to your Cry and call, and you use these to try and leverage a response in your favour from the Big Guy upstairs. You beg, grovel, and plead, almost with tears of blood, for a second chance of some kind or a reprieve in your situation. Just a moment of fresh air above the tide of the storm is all you ask for and yet you also hope for more.

Yes, it is sad to hear someone else tell us this and we shy away from it but it is the cold hard truth. We shun a permanent relationship with God, walking talking and communing with him daily and having that daily life that revolves and thrives in His word but yet come dark days we run out to ask Him for help…. Bit of a spoilt brat mentality don’t you think?

What this entire experience taught me or reminded me of was that we are all not always fortunate enough to be given a second chance and truth is sometimes we don’t deserve it, I sure as hell didn’t, but we shouldn’t live a life based on the assumption or expectations of getting a do over but rather to aim to get it right the first time around and not need a redo. I do know and understand that we are humans and we do err and also that we cannot always get things right but what I aim to help us to change is the mentality behind it. Don’t always approach situations with a defeatist mentality that already expects a loss and a second go at the situation as we are not guaranteed of it by no means whatsoever, rather go into any and every situation you face with the aim of getting it first, best and right. By changing the mindset of how we approach our daily decisions from the smallest to the biggest, we begin to speak life into our actions and begin to mentally, emotionally and physically position and poise ourselves for a victory in all these situations. Furthermore, if we are fortunate enough to be afforded a Redo of certain scenarios, let us seize it not with a sense of right but rather with appreciation and gratitude for the opportunity that we otherwise did not deserve nor had any chance of getting.

Lastly, let us take each moment whether in or out of season, as an opportunity to get closer to God and learn to walk with Him and listen to His still, calm voice and thereby develop a strong enough relationship that not only makes it easier call to Him for help when we need it but also helps us avoid some of these situations that could result in needing a DO OVER.


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