Religion: Un/Deserved Declaration?

I try not to post on controversial issues but this one seems to beg to be discussed…

Many a times these days. On my whatsapp, email, inbox or whatever I am drowned with posts about someone or the other “Declaring” and “proclaiming” good fortune,prosperity, health, this and that about your life as the reader of this message. Since when has God’s blessings become about declaration and proclamation rather than work and effort? I feel we are becoming more and more inclined to declare and proclaim these physical benefits and material objects yet neglect to notice the labour that is needed to come with such things. There is no way that you expect to receive a job via declaration when you don’t take the initiative to go and search for it.


These so called proclamations don’t end with the material things only. Some go on to proffer God’s protection and favour via special declaration. Correct me if I’m wrong but since when has Christianity or God’s providence been based on these. We forget that for every example given in the bible, reward followed reaction. You act on what God wants of you. Take a personal Conscious decision to better your relationship with Him.

Communicate with Him more and from there comes the blessings and protection and so forth that you so desire. Do not be deceived by the many of the world into believing that just because Father, Reverend, Minister, Bishop, prophet or Pope so and so declared it over my life so shall it be. No!! Get up. Take action and get to know your God on a personal level and you will get to understand that you hold the key to your own success and Destiny. Failure and doom. Stop waiting for divine miracles. Start making them for yourself and move God to act!!!

**WHAT ARE YOUR OWN THOUGHTS?? Drop a comment and let’s share**


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