It’s Not But It is- A Short Poem by Ms. Banele Mahlangu

It’s not the lies you told

That hurt the most

It’s the truth I failed to hear

That tears me apart

It’s the actions I failed to see

Not the meaningless words you spoke

That brakes my heart

Into tiny little pieces

That glue can’t fix

It’s not the tears I cried

But the smile I failed to show

It’s not the sadness that surrounds me

But the joy I failed to feel

It’s not the darkness I live in

But the light that faded

It’s not the dreams I dream

But the reality I didnt believe in

It’s not the present I remember

But the past I cant forget

That frightens me the most

It’s really not hate I feel

But its the blurry love

Of your unkept promises

It’s really not you

But the me that chooses to remember

Rather than forget

A Short Poem By Banele Kathleen Mahlangu, another one of those precious people i am blessed to have in my life, terribly gifted too… Enjoy!

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