Caught between a rock and a hard place, indecision filling my mind, emotions raging deep yet reality set to reap. your eyes bidding me stay, your words telling me “go” your emotions and heart intertwined with mine yet reality says no.


Do I stay or do I go, did you really mean the words you’ve said? Your body calling me to come, yet again your words telling me to leave, indecision filling your mind. our fate sealed beforehand, our destiny predestined, our story pre written, powerless against our own futures yet our beings wishing to succumb to their desire for each other’s solace.


The one I love, the one I lost, not for lack of care, but for our stories written otherwise, the Pen of fate separating our paths from one. My emotions run deep, my devotion is real yet our tomorrow was written yesterday and our fate never will change.


Dare I snatch the pen from fate? dare I rewrite History? dare I change destiny? dare I forget you ever existed? all impossibilities all fantasy, none can change what cruel fate has determined.


So do I stay or do I go, your eyes bidding me stay, yet your words telling me go, my mind reels in the turmoil of indecision….


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