Breaking Chains- I AM!!

Years in bondage, eons spent in self ridicule, moments squandered in solitude and seclusion, man-made bars holding me back, imprisoned and detained by a system not of my making, but of society’s creation and enforcement.


A Battle which I fought, yet the result was determined before the first blow was dealt. How do I conquer my fears? How do I go against the grain? How do I win a war against my own? Society creates a universe in which I must live in, a universe which I must be content with and yet my inner yearning is to be bigger than the reality of such a universe. Determined to be far greater than society allows, destined to be a rose among the thorns, an oasis in a desert.


Born into a world where my role is precast and moulded, despite my yearning to be different. I am told I cannot be that which my inner being tells me I can be. I am told I cannot want what my soul yearns for, my vision limited and blinded by a society that fears change and shuns difference, afraid of its own weaknesses being brought to light.


Yet now I break those chains, face those fears, take that step, towards the redemption of my future. An inner Lion, crippled for far too long, caged and chained for time enough. Set to reclaim my destiny, face those demons and crush their hopes. No longer will society define my worth, my vision, my ability and my reach. No longer will she tell me I can’t when I know I can! No longer will she decide who I am when I am not. I break free not for my own self but for the redemption of my generation, rebellion necessitated by infringement on the very essence of our existence.


I am what I am, unapologetically emboldened to restore that which is mine and to bloom brighter than the world knows how. No longer will your perception and conception dictate my intention and no longer will compunction be my portion of thought. I am the born-free, the untameable, the resilient, the Eagle that soars above the clouds of your expectations.


I am the light which you cannot hide, the flame that will not be quenched. Shackles of bondage no longer will be my companion, as I break free to a new reality, a world in which my being is not defined by yours, where your vision does not cloud mine. Divorced from your expectations and your views, married to my ambition and to my dream, an unending union that will stand the test of time. I will be that which I was meant to be and never what you thought I’d be for I am…what I AM!



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