A Dimming Light

The life I have is just but one to me.

To live, to have, to carve and slave.

With not much ink, nor tools to use

But life’s small deeds that mean a lot.

So this my art and this my book

That time must etch into the fabric

Is not the grandest of them all

Yet is the best I have for all to give.

And if this night my journey ends,

If time tonight my ink dries up

And half a carving I have made

Realise that in this library of life

I’ve lived, I’ve loved and had my chance

To make a mark of mine unique

And ask the earth my work to keep.

Do know that in this art of mine

I’ve had, I’ve lost, have cried and smiled

Have learnt a lot in this and that

And made the best of all I could

Remember too my fault and failure

For these are too a nook of worth

For you to see and learn from too

And carve your own, a piece so grand

That makes the best of all it has

And stands so tall for all to see.

Remember too my highs my friend,

For in these fleeting moments of my book

I left my smiles all etched for you

To keep to sleep to last and store

My laughter and my joyful times

For endless ages in your thoughts

To have to keep and carry on

For this my journey ends tonight

And has been one I couldn’t walk

Without your faces to keep by

No book that I alone could write

Except that you were there with me

To carve the sculpture of my life.

And be the cast to my own script

For this my light tonight shines last

“Dedicated to those that ever lost anyone special to them”

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